Custom CSS effects

If you want to use a custom CSS effect ( from animate.css for example) you'll need to import the Reveal class first.

import Reveal from 'react-reveal/Reveal';

Then set the effect prop to a desired CSS animation class name.

<Reveal effect="fadeInUp">
  <p>Markup that will be revealed on scroll</p>

You may also specify leaving animation class using effectOut prop.

<Reveal effect="fadeInUp" effectOut="fadeOutLeft">
  <p>Markup that will be revealed on scroll</p>

react-reveal overrides a duration and delay of a custom effect (sets it to 1000 milliseconds by default) so you would need set the duration and delay prop if you want to customize it.

You can also use the rest of the props. In addition there are out versions of some props: durationOut, delayOut, countOut, foreverOut

Have a look at this example.